Friday, August 5, 2011

Past Future Present

We cannot change the past;
we just need to keep
the good memories
and acquire wisdom
from the mistakes we’ve made.

We cannot predict the future;
we just need to hope and pray
for the best and what is right,
and believe that’s how it should be.

We can live a day at a time,
enjoying the present
and always seeking to become
a more loving and better person.

P/s: The quote taken from my inbox...

Live ur life with the fullest... We don't know when is our last breath!!


tireless mom said...

JD..the words so inspired! yeahh we r living in transitory life n we dunno when is our last breath...! sempat ke tgk anak2 membesar kan?

ghost writer said...

ke 3-3 nya mempengaruhi kehidupan kita.

anyam dan bentuk.

Jake Daughter said...

Faten: That is the question.. We don't know when was our 'turn'... Mcm u ada jugak kids, mcm i yg single nih... The question is.. Sempat kawin x??? Huhuhu

Jake Daughter said...

Ghost writer: U r totally rite!


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